Shower Up

ShowerUp is an organization that seeks to build relationships, restore hope and dignity, and share the love of God by providing mobile shower services and personal care for the homeless and those in need. In Nashville, there are approximately 2500 homeless men, women and children and only a handful of showers available to them. For many, they can go days and weeks without a hot shower. Our mobile shower truck will be at various locations around the area to not only provide them with a hot shower and personal care, but also be a loving friend to talk to, laugh with, and share life with. It’s in these interactions that hope and dignity are restored.

The idea is simple. Most of us take for granted that we can wake up and grab a shower. We know that at the end of a day working outside, we can wash away the day’s grime and feel refreshed. A hot shower can be relaxing, invigorating, refreshing, and soothing. Imagine, though, that you didn’t know when or where you could get a shower. For many who are homeless, it’s another reminder that they have no hope.

Robert, a homeless man in his 40’s, told us, “Not being able to get a shower, just makes you feel like you’re in a box.” He is stuck working whatever day labor jobs that he can and isn’t able to apply for other jobs with greater stability because he just doesn’t know when he will be clean.

ShowerUp is a 501c(3) non-profit, charitable organization and truly community supported.
We believe that relationships are the key to helping the homeless in our area find restored hope and dignity. A ShowerUp hot shower is a warm hug that reminds people they are loved and cared for.